Low Priced Wedding Loans for Your Memorable day

For whatever reasons, most Indian brides and grooms have started taking wedding ceremonies less and less seriously. Maybe because they feel shy about all the attention at once, or it could be the wedding cost. But looking at the recent wedding trends ‘The Big Fat Indian Weddings’ are taking shape of short family gatherings! Somewhere it is heartbreaking to see people wrapping up their union for life into a short ceremony of 10-15 minutes. There are so many ceremonies to cherish.


 OK, even if we forget about the ceremonies for the moment, what about the emotions, the thoughtful consideration of the lifetime commitment, the song selection and how it all reflect something meaningful - your hopes and aspirations towards standing by each other in all the ups and downs of life… Believe it or not, wedding is once in a lifetime affair and you can make it perfect, gorgeous, lavish and most of heavenly luxurious.


If you are worried about the cost, then don’t worry at all – You can simply Personal Loan Online Apply for the wedding celebration! A personal loan that will meaningfully break the expenses of your wedding into small monthly EMIs which you can pay back later. Besides, personal loan for marriage comes with the lucratively low-interest rate (12% p.a.) especially to take the pressure off the shoulders of newlyweds. In addition, there is no collateral required. Making it the best choice for couples with a good credit score.


Before you apply for Wedding Loans it is important to create a realistic budget of entire celebration. It could be your wedding Wish-list, and the basic break down should include –


1.    Ceremony
2.    Attire
3.    Entertainment/Music
4.    Photography/Videography
5.    Wedding Rings, Jewelry
6.    Flowers
7.    Transportation
8.    Gifts
9.    Reception
10.  Miscellaneous – as quick cash in hand


Once you have you’ve estimated how much money you need, you're all set to apply for loan. But, which are those organization who provides a loan for wedding celebrations? Actually, there are numerous banks and non-banking companies - Fintechs and Credit unions who provide a wedding loan. But, the most reliable and reasonable way to secure finance for a marriage is Peer to Peer (P2P) lending.


Peer to Peer lending for Wedding Loan!


P2P lending platforms are online credit marketplaces offering a faster and easier option to avail wedding finance. Youngsters looking to tie a knot can get Lowest Interest Rate on wedding finance, of up to Rs. 10 lacs with interest rate in the middle of 12%-36% p.a. Keep in mind; P2P firms are non-banking platforms. You will get a loan funded from various online registered lenders with P2P lending platform

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