Faircent P2P-NBFC platform Offering Successful Short-Term Investment Plans in Consumer Loans

Faircent Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform has been drawing a good deal of attention presently, thanks to its ability to directly connect investors with borrowers utilizing advanced data and technology analytics tools. It provides an online Investment Options for lenders by offering up to 36% p.a. returns; while facilitating collateral free consumer loans at low, competitive interest rates to fulfill borrowers credit requirements.


The Primary Reason to Invest Online in P2P lending:


Higher Returns – The Return on Investment (ROI) in P2P lending depends on the which borrower’s risk category is preferred by the investor. The higher the risk, the better the returns.


Transparency in the Process – The P2P platforms adheres to robust risk assessment strategies that give investors good knowledge to invest in the right P2P loans.


Diversification for Better Yields – With P2P lending investors can diversify their investment in a broad range of borrower’s risk categories. This decreases default chance by spreading the risk and yields and provides better returns from different loan.


Invest today!


If you are looking for  Short-Term Investment Plans in the P2P lending platform, you can visit Faircent.com; India’s first RBI registered P2P-NBFC platform offering virtual credit marketplace for credit and Online Investment. Sign Up today!




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