Financial Services

Financial Services · 22. November 2018
Live all your wedding dreams without worrying about the expenses. You can avail a low-interest rate Marriage loan with absolutely Zero collateral, flexible EMI tenure and 100% online loan processing. Sign up with Faircent now to enjoy a grand wedding celebration.
Financial Services · 12. November 2018
For many people investing money online would be an absolute dream come true. The crazy thing is investing money online isn’t a pipe dream. Presenting Peer to Peer lending! The website facilitating P2P lending services are essentially a financial matchmaker, helping borrowers and lenders find each other on an Online Lending marketplace, without any banking mediation. These online credit marketplaces are a way of connecting borrowers with individual and institutional investors. Borrowers...
Financial Services · 15. October 2018
With the current Peer to Peer (P2P) lending wave - Now it is possible to get collateral free finance for your business. If you are looking for funding online to grow your business, then you must consider P2P Lending Platforms. It is an alternative way for crowdfunding the capital you need.
Financial Services · 17. September 2018
EMIs – The equated monthly installments are a vital part of your personal loan. It is a fixed amount that a borrower must repay to the lender at monthly intervals. It includes both, the principal loan amount and the applicable interest rate. The EMI is a carefully calculated figure, up on which both the parties involved agree. Repayment of a loan by means of EMIs is a continuous process until the complete amount is fully paid along with the interest.
Financial Services · 13. September 2018
Investment can be defined as an asset that can be purchased and has ability to produce wealth over a time.
Financial Services · 30. August 2018
Home is more than just a roof on your head. It is the symbol of your status and your lifelong accomplishments. Your home’s interior, exterior, aesthetics and ambience create a first impression in the mind of your friends and family.
Financial Services · 17. August 2018
For whatever reasons, most Indian brides and grooms have started taking wedding ceremonies less and less seriously. Maybe because they feel shy about all the attention at once, or it could be the wedding cost.
Financial Services · 06. August 2018
Inflation has a corrosive effect on the savings of consumers. For example, if we consider the current inflation rate of 8%, as measured by the wholesale price index, then a Rs. 100 earned today will be just Rs. 92 after a year.
Financial Services · 17. July 2018
Alibaba, Uber, and Airbnb are some of the familiar names in the sharing economy business. Airbnb is an online marketplace providing accommodation to tourists worldwide but owns no property, similarly, Uber is the world’s largest ride sharing service provider while it owns no cars, likewise, Alibaba being the leading platform for global wholesale trade do not carries any stock of its own. Now, we are entering a new era of sharing economy in the financial ecosystem. The lending space which was...